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December 2000

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Optocoupler Circuits

Operating principles and practical applications of a variety of optocoupler devices.

FET Principles And Circuits — Part 1

FET (Field-Effect Transistor) basics. Part 1 of 4

‘555’ Astable Circuits

Using the ‘555 timer IC’ in a variety of useful astable multivibrator or squarewave generator applications.

FET Principles And Circuits — Part 3

Practical MOSFET and CMOS circuits. Part 3 of 4

LED ‘Graph’ Circuits

Here's a variety of practical LED dot-graph and bar-graph analog-value display circuits.

FET Principles And Circuits — Part 2

Practical JFET circuits. Part 2 of 4

‘555’ Monostable Circuits

555 timer IC basics and ways of using it in monostable applications.

LED Chaser/Sequencer Circuits

The LED chaser or sequencer is one of the most popular types of LED-driving circuits and is widely used in advertising displays and in running-light ‘rope’ displays.

Practical LED Indicator And Flasher Circuits

The most widely used of all optoelectronic devices is the simple LED (light emitting diode). Here is a presentation of a variety of indicator and flasher circuits using LEDs.

FET Principles And Circuits — Part 4

Practical VMOS power FET circuits and appplications. Part 4 of 4

Using the 555 Timer IC in Special or Unusual Circuits

Use the 555 timer IC in unusual applications such as Schmitt triggers, astable gadgets, alarms, and long-period timers.

Light-Sensitive Circuits

Basic operating principles and applications of light-sensitive devices.


Build The Incredible Christmas Tree Dipstick!

Checking the water in the Christmas Tree need not require laying upside down getting poked in the head by pine needles!


Open Channel
by Joseph J. Carr
Signal Generators — Part 1
Used to test and troubleshoot radio receivers and other circuits, signal generators are of primary interest to almost everyone interested in electronics. Part 1

Open Channel
by Joseph J. Carr
Signal Generators — Part 2
Let's look at the frequency synthesizer, the king of all signal generators. Part 2


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