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August 2009

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Lightning Screen

For those interested in high voltage phenomena, this device is for you.

Properly Selecting Electronic Components: Part 2

This month's tutorial covers capacitors and inductors.

Experiments with Alternative Energy

Learn the fundamentals of renewable Energy with this new educational series. This month: Solar Energy.


Nixie-Neon Clock

Time for another cool clock design using Nixie tubes.

TestMaster Quiz Box

Run your own game shows at home with this fun build.


by Jeff Eckert
TechKnowledgey 2009 | August 2009
Topics covered include lasers with curves, the smallest DC/DC concerter, quantum error suppression, plus other info you won't want to miss.

by Ron Hackett
Programming Your Serialized LCD Display
This month we’re going to turn our attention to some of the details of programming the display. Specifically, we’ll investigate two of the most useful features of LCD displays: scrolling a long line of text across the relatively small width of the display and creating custom characters to enhance the functionality of the display.

Personal Robotics
by Samuel Aaron Ward
Solar Tracker
A solar-tracking power supply for a mobile unit; a device that not only provides power to sustain its own functions (tracking the sun for optimal energy collection), but also for propulsion and steering of an unmanned vehicle.

by Russell Kincaid
Audio comb filter, high current/low voltage amp, time delay circuit, plus more.

The Design Cycle
by Fred Eady
USB To Ethernet Using Microchip’s Free Stacks: Part 1
This month, the mountain man is coming to town as the coders at Microchip have put together a brand new TCP/IP Stack to support the new Ethernet ICs and wireless Ethernet modules that are coming out of the pipe.

Smiley’s Workshop
by Joe Pardue
Smiley’s Workshop 13: More ALP Projects
Developing a command interpreter and making some noise. Part 13

Open Communication
by Louis E. Frenzel
How To Achieve One Gigabit Per Second Data Rate Over Wireless
Longer distances, interference, and other environmental issues usually prevent that, but what we get is typically enough. With the new 802.11n standard, Wi-Fi speeds will be going up as more of the access points adopt the multiple input multiple output (MIMO) technology that will make 100+ Mbps common.


Developing Perspectives
by Bryan Bergeron
Please visit our Developing Perspectives blog to read the full article and comment.

The Golden Age Of Electronics
by Bryan Bergeron
From Developing Perspectives