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March 2011

Nuts and Volts Magazine

Computer Controlled Air/Steam Engine You Can Build



Introducing CHIPINO — the Bridge Between PICs and Arduinos

Combine the favorite features of these two microcontrollers through a new morphed module.

Build a Two-Transistor Oscillator

in Fundamentals For Beginners

Just getting started in electronics? Try these simple demos to illustrate electronics principles and how components function in actual circuits!


Computer Controlled Air/Steam Engine

Build an “external combustion engine,” then add a computer control system to maximize efficiency and performance.

Create Indoor Lightning With This Miniature Van de Graaff Generator

Amaze your family and friends with this unique project that teaches electrostatic concepts.


by Jeff Eckert
TechKnowledgey 2011
Learn how diamonds are a switch’s best friend, a new solar speed record has been set, and a third option for color printing that’s become available, plus some other stuff you’ll find fascinating.

The Spin Zone
by Jon Williams
The Spin Zone
Wii Will Rock You.

The Design Cycle
by Fred Eady
The Design Cycle
Fly High With the New SPECTRUM ACE Embedded Control System.

by Russell Kincaid
Q & A
This month’s questions include how to set up a custom website, a circuit for pulsating LEDs, a car finder, plus a turn signal reminder, just to name a few.

Smiley’s Workshop
by Joe Pardue
Smiley’s Workshop 32: avrtoolbox — Organizing an Open Source Project
avrtoolbox — Organizing an Open Source Project. Part 32

Near Space
by L. Paul Verhage
Near Space
Cabling the Nearspace Ultralight Flight Computer — Part 2.