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August 2015

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Build Your Own Web Controlled Multimedia Player



Microprocessors and Model Trains Meet Head On!

Let your Arduino ride the rails to make realistic crossing flashers for your model train setup.


Motion Triggered Plane Aisle Night Lighting

Build this nightlight on steroids to keep twilight walkers safe and your electric bill down.

Build a 50 MHz Dipole Out of Crutches

Just as other sculptors are blessed with the vision to see their works of art hidden in wood and marble, I have developed the ability to see antennas hidden in metal. After working with antennas for a while, I believe most everyone can probably develop an eye for dimensions that are quarter-wave multiples of their favorite frequencies.

The Garage Sentinel

Yep. We’ve got yet another parking assistant project that will save you from the ’ol hanging tennis ball.

A Web Controlled Music and Internet Radio Player

Never be at a lack for music with this incredibly flexible system that features the Pi MusicBox software.

How to Craft a PIC Barometer

Of all the ingredients that make up a weather forecast, knowing what the current atmospheric pressure is doing is the most important.

A DIY Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System

The air that we breathe indoors — whether at home or at work — can put us at risk for health problems if there are common pollutants in it. Be sure of what you’re breathing with this prototype system that features many types of sensors.


by Jeff Eckert
Events, Advances, and News (08.2015)
Read about a method for cancelling shockwaves, giving your device the finger, 3D printed cars, and more.

Reader Questions Answered Here (08.2015)
Answers to questions about furnace data acquisition and electronics around vehicle fuel tanks.

The Spin Zone
by Jon McPhalen
Fun with Charlieplexing
Learn about this method of LED control that takes advantage of a processor’s ability to manipulate the pin state.

The Design Cycle
Giving Our “Board” Wings to Fly Over LANs or the Internet
The A-10 Thunderbolt II (also known as the Warthog) is built around its 30 mm cannon. This month’s offering is built around its own 10 MB Ethernet port. I’ve got the itch, so let’s scratch-build the “board” which is based on the Microchip PIC32MX795F512L.

Near Space
by L. Paul Verhage
CubeSats — Part 5: Designing a Model CubeSat for School Use
As CubeSats continue to play a pivotal role in space exploration, it’s important to introduce more schools to this technology. Here’s a kit that can do just that.

Practical 3D Printing
by Chuck Hellebuyck
Pegboard Solder Holder
Never lose your roll of solder again with this handy bench organizational tool.