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September 2016

Nuts and Volts Magazine

Build the Numitron Clock!



Vintage Computing — Simple Hardware Interfaces for Your Mentor’s Friend

Venture outside the Amigo retro computer and Color BASIC to interface with a couple of simple hardware circuits.

Hail, the Lowly Substitution Box

Capacitor and resistor substitution boxes are very simple, yet handy pieces of test equipment. Here’s how they work and what’s available.

Name That Part!

Test your electronic components knowledge with this photo quiz.


Build the Numitron — A Six-Digit Clock

This beautifully designed timepiece showcases cold war era components (Numitrons) along with modern LEDs.


by Tim Brown
Reader Questions Answered Here (9.2016)
Get some enlightenment on modern lighting (LEDs and CFLs) and whether green energy is truly “green.”

The Ham’s Wireless Workbench
by H. Ward Silver
Common Antennas You Need to Know About
Everything acts like an antenna — sometimes, the antenna is you!

The Design Cycle
by Fred Eady
Help is Finally Here for 32-bit PICs
Microchip has released a new 32-bit microcontroller that is now supported by the MPLAB Code Configurator.

The Spin Zone
by Jon McPhalen
Game Time
Game countdown timer for use in applications like escape rooms.

by Jeff Eckert
Events, Advances, and News (09.2016)
Planar lens for smartphones; optical clock accurate in the attosecond range; the new Asus’ ZenBook 3 laptop; how to run a quantum computer; what to do if you really need a lot of storage; a supply for your Pi; never losing anything again; and what happened to Bell Labs.


So, Exactly What is Electronics?
by Bryan Bergeron
Given the rapid evolution of the electronics field over the past few years, exactly how do you define electronics today?