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2019 Issue-1

Nuts and Volts Magazine


The Discovery of Radio Waves

Take a look back at how the serious study of radio waves was launched.

More Tricks with Old-School Digital Clocks

Variations and suggestions for building discrete-logic clocks.

C Preprocessor Reduces Debug Headaches

Take advantage of C preprocessor operations.

DIY Biotech: Open Source PCR Thermocycler

#2 in a series of DIY Biotech articles.

Your Amigo Does Bluetooth

Explore Bluetooth using the Amigo breadboard and Color BASIC serial interface.

An ESP8266 Live Wi-Fi Webcam

Build a live webcam using the ESP8266 and an Android phone.


Build an Internet Digital Clock

Time to build this digital clock that connects via Wi-Fi to the Internet to not only display the usual time, date, temperature, and humidity, but to also be able to retrieve things from the Internet like the weather or weather forecast and stock market reports as well.

Build the Laser Pencil Engraver

Customize pencils for friends and family.

Build a Fun Stylophone

This unique musical gadget makes learning how to write fun!

Build an RF Frequency Counter Buffer for HF

This RF buffer is a handy tool you’ll remember every time you use a frequency counter.


The Ham’s Wireless Workbench
by H. Ward Silver
The rotator is worth installing carefully and being treated with care. After all, your ham radio success turns on them!

by Kristen McIntyre
Electronics Q&A (01.2019)
Read about girding for battle, battle language, who needs wires, and adrift in time.

Near Space
by L. Paul Verhage
Cosmic Rays Redux
All about muons and the detector I used to measure their flux.

Open Communication
by Louis E. Frenzel
IoT Made Easy
It’s getting easier than ever to make your own stuff to connect to the Internet via IoT.


New Products (01.2019)
SBC TS-7180 in Engineering Sampling, New Generation of Value Instruments, Real Time Streaming.

The Ergonomics of Learning
by Bryan Bergeron
Having the right tools for different people.

Reader Feedback (01.2019)
Comments from readers