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How To Diagnose, Repair, and Refurbish A Vintage Tube Amplifier

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1-Click Temperature Graphs Using the Raspberry Pi and Dallas Semiconductor DS18B20

Use a DS18B20 and a Rasp Pi to generate temperature graphs for monitoring anywhere your Internet connection can reach.

Nextion Touch Screen Display — Part 7

Tutorial on including touch screens into your homebrew projects.

Finding the Outside Foil Lead

My methodology for identifying the outside foil lead on capacitors.

An Introduction to OpenPLC

Learn how to use OpenPLC* which is an open-source Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that is based on easy-to-use software.

Adding a Wireless Alarm to My 1932 Plymouth

I thought adding a wireless auto alarm to my vintage car would be a breeze. Nope!

Rescue of a High-End Multimeter

Rescue a multimeter with a faded OLED screen using Python and an Arduino.

Building a DMM & Basic Oscilloscope with the Dr. Duino Explorer Edition

Build a DMM and basic o'scope for a fraction of the cost!

ESP8266 for a Smart Home - Part 1

A new series demonstrating the application of ESP8266-based breakout boards for home automation.

PICOSMAC - Back to the Past

Build a “modern” version of the COSMAC VIP.

The Birth of the Integrated Circuit

The creation of the integrated circuit (IC) stands as one of the most important inventions of mankind.

Adding an Audible Circuit Alarm

Keep an audio “eye” on your equipment.

Restoring the Curtain Burner Radio of the Early 1930s

Curtain burner resistance line cords create a whole new challenge when it comes to antique radio restoration.

The Chaostron

Add a little electronic “chaos” to your life.

Adventures in Battery-Land — Part 1

Empower your projects with batteries.

How to Diagnose, Repair, and Refurbish a Vintage Tube Amplifier – The McIntosh 240

Evaluate and repair a “restored” McIntosh 240 amp with intermittent failure problems.

Restoration of a Vintage Telefunken Gavotte 8U AM/SW/FM Receiver

Continue your exploration of the world of tube-type electronics by following along with the restoration of another classic.

A Look at Signal Reporting

An introduction to signal reporting techniques.

The Transistor Compound Pair

A quick look at the transistor compound pair detailing its basic operation.

Testing and Refurbishing a Pair of Vintage Spendor BC1 Studio Monitors

Continue your exploration of the world of tube-type electronics by testing and refurbishing a pair of British-made three-way speakers designed for tube amplifiers.

Vintage Tek: Continuously Variable Autotransformers

If you routinely work with tube gear, then an autotransformer belongs on your workbench.

Vintage Tek: Line Isolation Transformers

Don’t get burned! Isolation transformers keep you safe!

Vintage Tek: Capacitance Meters

Vintage and contemporary capacitance meters discussed.

The Drake 2B: Refurbishing a Classic Ham Radio and Shortwave Receiver from the Early ‘60s

Continue your exploration into the world of refurbishing tube-type electronics.

Breathing Life into a 1970’s Turntable

Restoring an amazing find.

When Fans Go Bad!

How I dealt with an amplifier cooling fan explosion.


Build a DIY Heart Sound Analyzer Using Your Laptop

Construct a novel and inexpensive medical instrument for fun, discovery, and teaching.

Build a Wireless Electronic Scoreboard

Here’s a project for kids of all ages who like participating in running games.

Build a Three-Way Antenna Switch and Display

Control antenna selection from the comfort of your shack.

Build the Lambda Harp

Build a circular harp that’s MIDI compatible.

Build a High-Fidelity Tube Amplifier

Return to an analog listening experience.

Build a General-Purpose Raspberry Pi Data Logger Hat

Here’s a RaspPi project that collects and live-plots voltage, temperature, and battery capacity data.

Build an Electronic Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Design and build a special electronic version of this old classic.

Build an Ultra-Linear Triode Amplifier - Part 2

Build an ultra-linear triode amplifier.

Build a Farmer, Fox, Chicken, Corn Puzzle

Build an updated version of this popular game using an Arduino.

Turn a Typewriter into a Printer

Mix old and new technology by repurposing a Smith-Corona PWP 78DS typewriter.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Electrified!

Are you ready for some serious Rock, Paper, Scissors competition?

Build a Voltage Monitoring System with RTOS

Build a voltage monitoring system with RTOS.

Build a Laser Alignment System for Your Telescope

This circuit makes aligning your telescope to True North simple.

Coffee Cup Warmer for the Workbench

This project addresses an almost-universal need: how to keep your coffee hot!

Build an LED Amusement Park at Home

Simulate amusement park rides at home with LEDs.

Build a Motion Activated Nightlight

Make your own customizable nightlight with parts you probably have on hand.

Using Analog Sensors with Microcontrollers: A Beginner’s Guide

The “ins and outs” of interfacing analog sensors to a microcontroller’s analog-to-digital converter.

Adventures in Battery-Land — Part 2

Empower your projects with batteries.

A Realistic Fake Car Alarm “Blinky” Light

This circuit can help fool would-be thieves!


by Bryan Bergeron
Vintage Tek: Tube Testers
Tube testers take much of the guessing out of the tube matching game.


New Products
PicoScope7 Software; New PCB Gerber Viewer Online; Ultra-Nano, Low Profile, Coreless Wing Servo; AC/DC Dual Port Charger/Discharger Power Supply; Analyzer and Charger; Analog Discovery 3

New Products
Owon Tablet Oscilloscopes, Stereo Tremolo Nano Pulsar, Cat III Hook Clips, Waterproof Sensors, Four-Ch Servo Extension, Two-Stage Viper-Slide Kit, Eight-Ch Servo Power Node

New Products
Express PCB Plus V3.1.1, Handheld Two-Channel Digital Oscilloscopes, Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzers

Virtual Collaboration – Pre-Internet
by Bryan Bergeron
Whatever the topic, there’s always someone to collaborate with.

Vintage Instruments for Vintage Repairs?
by Bryan Bergeron
I often use a particular piece of vintage test gear because it’s the best or only option.

Evolution of the Junkbox
by Bryan Bergeron
An organized junkbox is what every electronics enthusiast needs.

If You Could Do It All Over Again, What Would You Change?
by Bryan Bergeron
Aren’t there things you’d like to change?

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Reader Feedback
Comments from readers.