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March 2018

AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) for a Revolving Field, Open Protected Type Synchronous Generator

I'm looking for a circuit to homebrew an AVR for a 25 KVA (20 KW), 60 Hz, 1,800 RPM, three-phase, 240/480 volts Star with a neutral synchronous generator that is wired up as a single phase zig-zag 240/120V output.

I'm trying to help out a brother Vet who uses this generator to supply power to his off-grid site. I'm a Seabee Vet that was a CE in the Navy. I used to work on this type of generator when they used relays to control the voltage output.

I have some experience in using the PIC and the Arduino Uno/AVR microcontroller. I would appreciate any help and offer my thank you in advance. The cost of a replacement of this hybrid analog-digital voltage regulator is way beyond his means at this time.

Amos DeCarmo
Saint Cloud, FL