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August 2016

Is It Dumb To Have A Smart TV?

Is it possible (or even necessary)  to try to protect my "Smart" TV from hackers? If so, what are the issues and where is the best place to start?

Maurice Scalf
Brea, CA


A Television set is a data receiving device (or a “Write-Only-Memory” as the joke that was distributed in the past) such that it has no useful data stored for a hacker to use. But if you are unsure about your home network security, then the first item to protect is the local network router, and then the Wi-Fi access point that your “Smart TV” connects to.

The best solution is simply disconnect the TV from the network, and use only local media sources (DVD,VCR, etc), or broadcast signals (antenna).

Raymond J Ramirez
Bayamon, PR

YES. Some Samsung and maybe even LG, TV’s have voice recognition and camera’s. Samsung even states in the users manual that their TV’s may capture personal room conversations of a private nature and transmit them to a third party.

Samsungs suggestion to prevent this is to turn off the audio capture feature (which would then prevent you from giving oral commands to your TV) and or unplugging the internet. A piece of tape over the camera would ensure your privacy here. You can read more here: www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/02/09/owners-of-samsung-smart-tvs-should-be-aware-of-this-very-scary-privacy-policy/

Vancouver, Canada