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September 2015

Is It Magic?

I have satellite radio (Sirius) aux audio output connected to DLO TransPod aux input. The TransPod is normally used for iPod to FM radio in a car. I am using it in my house.

The audio is transmitted on a frequency to my FM radio (50 ft away) with no power to the TransPod! How is this possible?

Dennis Hole
via email


It appears the output of the Sirius unit is supplying “phantom power” to the TransPod. IOW, there is a small DC voltage (1-2 VDC) present on the output signal that the TransPod is using as its’ power source. In a way, it is “magic” as phantom power schemes are regularly used in audio PA systems to supply power to electret microphones without using external batteries.

Ken Simmons
Auburn, WA