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April 2012

Phone Text Book

I am an electrical technician looking for a textbook or reference that deals with landline phones. I am wanting to learn the info that a phone technician would use such as multi-phone land lines, troubleshooting phone lines, and the definitions that are used in the industry.

Please direct me to a text book that would be a useful resource of learning and a good reference for down the road.

Jim Houser
Cambridge, OH



Or just search the web using, "Telephone Technical Reference" to find a bunch more.

Philip Karras
via email

For a book on telephone electronics, see:
ISBN-10: 0750699442
ISBN-13: 978-0750699440

You can find them for about $10 new. There is even a Kindle edition, although it is close to $35.

Pete Lunt
Raleigh, NC