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March 2016

Snap, Crackle, POP

Is there a method or modification to prevent the loud pop when removing the headphones from the jack on my tube audio system?

I tried a capacitor across the jack to minimize the pop which worked, but at the expense of all the highs in the music. I’m kind of an audiophile type, so a reduction in sound quality is unacceptable to me. Anyone have a better solution to try?

Andrew Slater
Saginaw, MI


The pop is caused by DC reaching the jack. Even if there is a blocking capacitor in the headphone line, you still get the pop before the capacitor charges. Whatever you do, you must reduce or eliminate the DC on the jack. A 470 (?) ohm resistor across the jack will moderate it. If that doesn't suit, get one of Jameco's 1:1 audio transformers. Connect the primary from the set output to ground. Connect the secondary from the jack tip to ground. That should eliminate even the worst case.

Chip Veres
Miami, FL

I would wire a 100 ohm resistor across the socket so there is always a DC path across the amplifiers output.

John Swift
Lancashire, UK