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May 2012

USB Picture Ornament Not Installing

I have a Fourstar Group Vuescape 1.5" Digital Display Ornament, Model 11010025. It’s supposed to have a built-in USB driver and application that loads when plugged into a computer‘s USB port. However, when it’s plugged in, the "Device Driver Not Successfully Installed" message displays. When researched, Code 43 is identified. Fourstar Group says the driver and program are internal and unavailable as a separate download. Since the ornament is not recognized, it does not show up as an external drive to find and launch the application as Fourstar Group suggested. Is there a way to force installation of a similar driver for a similar device, if I can find one (common type of 1.5" digital display)? I’ve tried on different computers and operating systems, so it should be generic.

San Jose, CA