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December 2017

VAX VMS Emulation

Is there an emulator for a Digital Equipment Corporation’s VAX VMS 4.7 machine, either running on an SBC (Single Board Computer), or possibly an image that can run as a virtual machine in VMWare or something similar?

I want to create a four-node VAX cluster like the one I used to work on, and would love to see it sitting on my desk as a stack of Raspberry Pi boards.

Troy Thoele
Huntsville, TX


Ed Cernek
Phoenix, AZ

Consider looking at SimH. It has a network-capable VAX Simulator. It is available in source code form (say, if you wanted to run it under Linux on an SBC), and also as a windows executable (you would not have to have use a virtual machine). Visit http://simh.trailing-edge.com/.

Jay Jaeger
Madison, WI

What you are looking for is SimH, a free VAX emulator that will run on the Raspberry Pi available at http://simh.trailing-edge.com/ You can get VMS licenses and software at www.openvmshobbyist.com/ Check out this article: https://www.rs-online.com/designspark/a-raspberry-pi-vax-cluster I think you will find everything you need.

Ronald Schubot
Kalamazoo, MI

I did a search for VAX VMS emulator and found the following: VAX/VMS on RaspberryPi at the RaspberryPi Forum - https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7552&p=93217

Lance Corey
Santa Ana, CA