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The Teensy Graphics Interface

Building a new version of the Arduino Graphics Interface with a TEENSY 3.6 processor.

This project shows how a $30 Arduino TEENSY computer board plus a simple and low cost interface circuit can be connected to a CRT based analog oscilloscope to reproduce the guts and performance of a computer graphics terminal such as the ‘70s era Tektronix 4010.

You're sure to find the Teensy Graphics Interface (TGI), as well as the (AGI) project interesting and informative!

So, read the article, download the software library and other project details, dust off your analog oscilloscope, and give it a try!

Read The Article - Find Out More

The gerber files for making your own PCB are available with the software library, however pre-made boards are also available for purchase from the NV webstore, if it is more convenient. Happy plotting!

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