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The challenge is over! All the entries have been reviewed and the judges have made their decisions.

The winners are:

Joe Fulton - Oscium iMSO-204L mixed signal oscilloscope

Part # Description Vendor Price
HM-1 5" Straight Tip Hemostat All Electronics 1.65
MTC-2 Two 1 1/2" Mini Hook Jumpers All Electronics 3.25
MTL-10 10 Mini Jumpers All Electronics 2.95
PLR-55 5" Mini Long Nose Pliers All Electronics 2.50
WS-150 Stripper adjusts from 24 to 12 gauge wire All Electronics 4.00
DVM-810 Velleman DVM810 Multimeter All Electronics 7.95
444-428 13721 11-PC Screwdriver Micro Tip Set Aven 12.82
WB-102BP Breadboard (840 tie-points) with Binding Posts & Back Plate Circuit Specialists 7.79
SH-813A 3-Wire 40 Watt Soldering Iron for 110 Volts Circuit Specialists 5.89
ELE-RS-400 Resistor Substitution Box Elenco 22.31
G12810 Soldering Iron Stand Goldmine Electronics 4.99
WH3025 Hook-Up Wire Pack - 2 meters Jaycar Electronics 4.95
SKU1684 Arduino Project Kit Nuts &Volts 84.95
120-536 Power Supply Regulated 3-12 VDC 2A Parts Express 19.9
115-090 170 Flush Cutting Shear Cutter Plato 4.74
TOL-09161 Solder Leaded - 100-gram Spool SparkFun 5.95
VTD1 Velleman Desoldering pump Velleman 2.34
  Total 198.93

Nelson Moye - Parallax Starter Kit

Part # Description Vendor Price
CSI1501 -15volt/0-1Amp Bench power Supply with 5v USB Output Circuit Specialists 27.95
DMM550 General Tools DMM550 Multimeter TEquipment.Net 65.87
258 16Watt-30Watt phase controlled variable temp soldering iron Circuit Specialists 12.95
ZD10Y LED Light/Magnifier Helping Hand/Soldering Iron Stand Combo Circuit Specialists 18.99
WB-104-1+J Breadboard with Jumpers Circuit Specialists 11.99
LP-1 Logic Probe Circuit Specialists 14.25
TKTEQU1 Elenco TKTEQU1 7pc Soldering Accessory Kit TEquipment.Net 14.95
TL-6 Elenco TL-6 Alligator Lead Set Circuit Specialists 6.25
08-611 Grounding Wrist Strap Circuit Specialists 5.95
VTMG7 Ramsey Electronics VTMG7 Tweezer TEquipment.Net 2.95
HT-1091 Economy mini shear Circuit Specialists 2.99
YH-201108 45 Piece Screwdriver Set in Plastic Organizer Circuit Specialists 8.95
  Total 194.04

Dan Lavin - BitScope Micro with Rasp/Pi Test & Measurement workstation

Part # Description Vendor Price
72-190 Logic Probe MCM 19.99
72-10390 DMM with transistor tester MCM 16.99
JE215 Bench Power Supply (bipolar for audio) Jameco 29.95
21-18980 Solderless breadboard MCM 3.99
21-8125 Soldering iron MCM 6.89
21-8160 Solder iron stand MCM 4.19
21-8240 Desoldering iron MCM 17.29
21-8358 Desoldering braid MCM 2.29
22-8705 Lead cutters MCM 4.99
22-1640 Wire stripper MCM 4.69
  Total 111.26

Dave Hunter - $50 gift certificate to the Saelig online store

Part # Description Vendor Price
HM-1 Clamp, 5” straight (hemostat) All Electronics 1.65
B00XXZB5LW SainSmart (20010214) DSO138 oscilloscope kit Amazon 27.40
B00L116EDE High Accuracy 1-500MHz Frequency Counter Amazon 19.49
32FGKIT Function Generator Kit Electronix Express 32.95
3200CTK4 RSR Tool Kit Electronix Express 27.95
0603ZD99KIT Soldering Station Kit, Temperature Controlled Electronix Express 26.95
01DVM810 Digital Multimeter Electronix Express 6.95
060800 Solder Wick Electronix Express 0.95
DDU120100H4480 12VDC 1A Regulated Power Supply (for breadboard kit) Jameco 14.95
ADU120150E1012 AC to AC wall adapter, 12VAC @ 1.5A (for regulator kit) Jameco 11.95
AS4 Anti-Static Mat – (11.8” x 22”) QualityKits 12.95
BBPSUJWPK Breadboard, Power supply & Jumper Kit QualityKits 6.95
FK808 Variable Regulator Kit 0-30V/1A QualityKits 6.50
TLM3 Banana & Alligator Test Lead Set QualityKits 1.95
    Total 199.54

Cory McGinnis - Measurement Computing BTH-1208LS Wireless DAQ

Joe Menard - Oscium WiPry-Pro 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer

Our thanks go out to the great companies that donated prizes for this challenge!

 OsciumParallaxBitscopeSaeligMeasurement Computing

In case you missed the challenge and are wondering what it was all about, you can read about it here.