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Setting Up a Test Bench

I can hardly imagine an electronics enthusiast without some sort of test bench. This can be as simple as a folding table and a couple of hand tools, along with a cheap DMM (Digital MultiMeter). Or, it can be as elaborate as a spare room just loaded with TE and a full complement of tools and accessories to go with it.

The Lost Art of Strip Board Prototyping

Many techs of yesteryear built their projects on a breadboard, then would transfer everything to a mirror copper clad board. Here's everything you need to know to use this timeless technique to wire up circuits for prototyping or functional applications.

The Edison Cell

Perhaps one day soon we’ll have a battery that displays no “memory” effect; can be completely discharged or overcharged without harm; and require no complex computerized management system. Does such a battery sound like too much to hope for? Thomas Edison didn’t think so.

Microcontrollers Are Great — But Don’t Pass Up Conventional Electronics

I’ll show you two examples of circuits that don't use a micro but are often built with one, and explain some of the logic and theory behind these circuits.