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How To Diagnose, Repair, and Refurbish A Vintage Tube Amplifier

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An Introduction to OpenPLC

Learn how to use OpenPLC* which is an open-source Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that is based on easy-to-use software.

Rescue of a High-End Multimeter

Rescue a multimeter with a faded OLED screen using Python and an Arduino.

ESP8266 for a Smart Home - Part 1

A new series demonstrating the application of ESP8266-based breakout boards for home automation.

PICOSMAC - Back to the Past

Build a “modern” version of the COSMAC VIP.

How to Diagnose, Repair, and Refurbish a Vintage Tube Amplifier – The McIntosh 240

Evaluate and repair a “restored” McIntosh 240 amp with intermittent failure problems.

A Look at Signal Reporting

An introduction to signal reporting techniques.

Vintage Tek: Capacitance Meters

Vintage and contemporary capacitance meters discussed.

Breathing Life into a 1970’s Turntable

Restoring an amazing find.


Build an Ultra-Linear Triode Amplifier - Part 2

Build an ultra-linear triode amplifier.

Build a Laser Alignment System for Your Telescope

This circuit makes aligning your telescope to True North simple.

A Realistic Fake Car Alarm “Blinky” Light

This circuit can help fool would-be thieves!


New Products
PicoScope7 Software; New PCB Gerber Viewer Online; Ultra-Nano, Low Profile, Coreless Wing Servo; AC/DC Dual Port Charger/Discharger Power Supply; Analyzer and Charger; Analog Discovery 3

If You Could Do It All Over Again, What Would You Change?
by Bryan Bergeron
Aren’t there things you’d like to change?

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