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Adding an Audible Circuit Alarm

The most often used trouble indicator in a circuit is the ubiquitous LED. Unfortunately, we don’t always have eyes on our equipment to see when problems arise.  Here’s a simple way to add an audio trouble alarm to circuits that only have a visual indicator.


Coffee Cup Warmer for the Workbench

This article addresses the subject of semiconductor-based temperature measurement. The theory is developed in a general way and then applied to the construction of a device useful to those of us who spend many hours at our workbench or desk. It’s hoped that the presentation is such as to suggest to the reader many possible variations and other applications.


Rock, Paper, Scissors Electrified!

Are you ready for some serious Rock, Paper, Scissors competition? This game is not just for kids. In fact, the World RPS Association in Canada holds big tournaments every year. Now you can build your own Rock, Paper, Scissors Electrified game that keeps score as you bang away on the huge arcade buttons.


Build a Wireless Electronic Scoreboard

Kids love to compete in all kinds of running games, so here’s an electronic project just for runners. The scoreboard I designed will record a runner’s elapsed time on a large LED seven-segment display. Starting the race is easy! Just press a button at the starting line; wait two seconds for a buzzer to go off; run 20+ yards; slap a numbered flag; and the scoreboard will show who won the race.


Turn a Typewriter into a Printer

I bought a Smith-Corona PWP 78DS typewriter from Good Will for under $20. The daisy wheel print quality was perfect, and it included a self-contained word processor. However, there was no way to use it as a printer. I decided to emulate a membrane keyboard with an Arduino Nano Every, so that either an added serial port or the existing keyboard could input text.


Build an Electronic Tic-Tac-Toe Game

The game of Tic-Tac-Toe has been around for centuries. With all the electronic games kids play with today, it’s unlikely that you’ll see “gamers” stampeding to play an old pencil and paper game. So, let’s update the old game a bit to make it a little more attractive to the “blue screen” generation – young and old.


Build a DIY Heart Sound Analyzer Using Your Laptop

Listening to the heart (cardiac auscultation) is a frequent first step in diagnosing heart disorders. Here, we describe a very inexpensive system for digital cardiac auscultation (digital phonocardiography) using a Windows laptop computer, freely downloadable software, and a low-priced USB microphone.

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