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Adventures in Battery-Land — Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed measuring project power needs, battery options, and showed ways to define and estimate battery service-hour life. While it’s no surprise that bigger batteries provide longer service life, Part 2 explores some ways to more efficiently use battery power to maximize battery life.


Finding the Outside Foil Lead

In years past, non-polarized capacitors would often have a striped end on the capacitor tube, or a stripe marking on the capacitor body indexing with one of the leads. The purpose of the stripe is evident if we look at some of the old “waxies” that were actually marked “Outside Foil End” on one end of the capacitor tube. So, why did that matter?  And does it still matter today? 


The Transistor Compound Pair

This article provides several low component count circuits you can experiment with, plus many interesting technical points to consider.


Adventures in Battery-Land — Part 1

In this series, I’ll describe my adventure into the land of alkaline batteries, This time, we’ll look at how to evaluate power needs, make battery choices, and predict battery service-life.


Nextion Touch Screen Display — Part 7

At this point, we have a Nextion touch screen programmer and an assembled and programmed PIC ignition timing controller. To wrap it up, we’ll install it on my son’s Manco go-kart to see how she runs.


Nextion Touch Screen Display — Part 6

Last time, we designed the printed circuit board and other hardware for our controller. This round, we’ll design the software.


The Electric Brains of Yesteryear

In the 1950s and ‘60s, Popular Electronics and other magazines carried ads for strange looking machines called Geniacs and Brainiacs. The ads claimed they were “electric brains” that could play Tic-Tac-Toe and NIM. A while ago, I bought several sets on eBay and I would like to share my experiences of learning about them and my sometimes frustrating — but successful — efforts to get them to work.

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