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The Transistor Compound Pair

This article provides several low component count circuits you can experiment with, plus many interesting technical points to consider.


Nextion Touch Screen Display — Part 7

At this point, we have a Nextion touch screen programmer and an assembled and programmed PIC ignition timing controller. To wrap it up, we’ll install it on my son’s Manco go-kart to see how she runs.


Nextion Touch Screen Display — Part 6

Last time, we designed the printed circuit board and other hardware for our controller. This round, we’ll design the software.


Some Simple Transistor and IC Circuits

This article started as an attempt to answer two questions posed in the Tech Forum here in Nuts & Volts: one for an LED fader and a second one on how to determine which type of transistor to use in a given circuit. Turns out both questions use a transistor. Here’s what I came up with.


Oscillators, Statistics, Q, and Muons

In this article, you'll learn about "Q" as it applies to assessing an oscillator. We’ll show a technique for measuring Q for a variety of oscillators, and see how it can be used to compare their performance.


Nextion Touch Screen Display — Part 5

Previously, we discovered how easy it is to add objects to the Nextion display, dress them up, and communicate with a PIC MCU. In this installment, we build the Small Engine Ignition Timing Controller and Programmer hardware.


Microcontrollers, Software, and You — Part 4

We ended our Part 3 article by giving you an assignment that emulates the card game, often called In Between (but better as known Acey Deucey). Recall that the objective of the game was to have the “dealer” turn two cards face up and then have the player bet that the next card would fall “in between” the two face-up cards. Let’s see how close your code came to mine.

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