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Book Review: Maverick Scientist

This intimate portrait of a self-made scientist shares a revelatory look inside the scientific community and tells the story of a lifelong learner who stood by his convictions even when pressured by the establishment to get in line with conventional wisdom. With dozens of personal photos and illustrations, Maverick Scientist serves as proof that to be a scientist, you simply need to do science.


The EleKit TU-8900 300B/2A3 SE Power Amp Kit

Are you an audiophile with a yearning to build kits reminiscent of the old HeathKits? If so, then this high-end tube amp kit may be what you’ve been waiting for. I think you’ll appreciate the value proposition of this eight watts per channel single-ended stereo amp based on a pair of 300B or 2A3 triodes.


Book Review: Troubleshooting Electronic Circuits

The instant I saw Ronald Quan chose to prominently display Cen-Tech volt-ohm-milliammeters on the front cover of Troubleshooting Electronic Circuits, I had a feeling I was going to like the book.


Book Review: Ham Radio for Dummies

The layout of the book, the sequencing of the material, and the down-to-earth vocabulary show not only that the author understands the material, but that he’s a great teacher.


The Quantum Integration Ecosystem

Embedded engineering is about burying a microcontroller inside a product to turn an everyday object into a smart object. When the smart object is also connected to the cloud, it’s instantly an Internet of Things (IoT) device. Quantum Integration recently introduced a product family designed to create IoT hardware applications quickly and easily. I had a chance to play with an initial release of their starter kit. Once I got over the initial learning curve, I was able to build two simple IoT prototypes to demonstrate cloud connectivity in about five minutes. Here is my experience.


The Dr. Duino Explorer —  A Review

Stop spending hours fighting your breadboard! With the Dr. Duino Explorer, you’ll save a ton of time on your next Arduino project. Whether you’re a novice or experienced Arduino user, the Explorer offers an array of commonly used sensors and modules with the ability to connect and disconnect what you need at will. It has a novel mechanism for routing digital and analog I/O pins to wherever you need them.


REVIEW: Dr. Duino’s Starter Kit for the Arduino Uno

In addition to making breadboarding easier, the new Dr. Duino Starter Kit can be a useful tool in learning Arduino hardware and software design. Getting into microcontroller development for the first time can be a daunting undertaking and anything that can simplify the process will be welcomed by many. Plus, there are many other possibilities for how this kit can be used.

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