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2022 Issue-3

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Rock, Paper, Scissors, Electrified!

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1-Click Temperature Graphs Using the Raspberry Pi and Dallas Semiconductor DS18B20

Use a DS18B20 and a Rasp Pi to generate temperature graphs for monitoring anywhere your Internet connection can reach.

Adding a Wireless Alarm to My 1932 Plymouth

I thought adding a wireless auto alarm to my vintage car would be a breeze. Nope!

Adding an Audible Circuit Alarm

Keep an audio “eye” on your equipment.

The Chaostron

Add a little electronic “chaos” to your life.

Testing and Refurbishing a Pair of Vintage Spendor BC1 Studio Monitors

Continue your exploration of the world of tube-type electronics by testing and refurbishing a pair of British-made three-way speakers designed for tube amplifiers.

When Fans Go Bad!

How I dealt with an amplifier cooling fan explosion.


Build a Wireless Electronic Scoreboard

Here’s a project for kids of all ages who like participating in running games.

Build a High-Fidelity Tube Amplifier

Return to an analog listening experience.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Electrified!

Are you ready for some serious Rock, Paper, Scissors competition?

Coffee Cup Warmer for the Workbench

This project addresses an almost-universal need: how to keep your coffee hot!

Using Analog Sensors with Microcontrollers: A Beginner’s Guide

The “ins and outs” of interfacing analog sensors to a microcontroller’s analog-to-digital converter.


by Bryan Bergeron
Vintage Tek: Tube Testers
Tube testers take much of the guessing out of the tube matching game.


Evolution of the Junkbox
by Bryan Bergeron
An organized junkbox is what every electronics enthusiast needs.