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FM Radio Reception Comes to US Cars in 1958

Here’s a quick look at how we ended up with car radios that offered both AM and FM reception.


A Look at Signal Reporting

It seems every radio service has its own signal reporting method. Why are they different? Is one better than another? How do they compare, and what do they mean? Let’s consider how (and what) information is conveyed, and how these different schemes stack up.


Build a Three-Way Antenna Switch and Display

This article describes a homebrew project in which a two-channel DC wireless receiver and transmitter are used to remotely select one of three antennas (two dipoles and a wideband vertical); switch a balun between the dipoles; and perform all this from the comfort of a ham shack. A second wireless receiver is used in a display to indicate the selected antenna.


Build a Ham Radio Voice Keyer for the Backpack

Could I get by with fewer amenities and shrink the size, weight, and power requirements of my keyer to make it more portable when going on a mini-DXpedition? It was worth an investigation.


Build a $6 Desk Mic

I certainly didn’t need another desk mic, but the prospect of building one from a $1 LED lamp and a spare mic cartridge was a project I could not pass up.


How You Can Intercept Secret Messages Being Sent to Spies

Believe it or not, there are powerful radio stations all over the world sending out messages to spies every day, and you can hear them with an inexpensive shortwave radio and a simple antenna. You probably won’t be able to decode them, but it’s a real kick to tune in these clandestine signals.


Adding FM Capability to an All American Five AM Radio

After retirement a few years back, I started collecting AA5 radios, restoring and selling them. People would ask whether they picked up FM and, of course, they did not. I started thinking about how to add FM capability without destroying the AA5’s AM operation. Here is my solution.

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