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IoT Made Easy

The whole Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon has been around for a while now.  But have you tried to create an IoT device on your own? If so, you know it’s not easy. However, it is now easier than ever as many of the manufacturers of IoT wireless chips and modules are providing the hardware and software to make an IoT device happen with minimum work. One example is the Wireless Xpress BGX13P module starter kit from Silicon Laboratories.


Ham Radio Put to Work

There are a lot of technologies that got a start on some ham’s wireless workbench. Ham radio almost demands tinkering and inventing. Some creations get no farther than a one-time project, while others become the basis for companies and industries.


Meet the Microbitx:  A Simple to Build, Yet Challenging All-Band Transceiver Kit

Rarely has there been as much interest in a high frequency radio as that shown to the Microbitx. Low power enthusiasts — better known as QRP operators as well as ham radio hobbyists — have rushed to place their order for this exciting and challenging new transceiver kit. Challenging in that it’s had a problematic chip “on its shoulders.”


Filter Design Software

Filters are one of the most important and widely-used circuits in all of radio at any frequency.  Understanding how they are specified and used will make you a better electronics designer, whether you build your own or simply buy them from a vendor.


Vacuum Tubes

For audiophiles, musicians, and ham radio operators, the soft glow of the vacuum tube filament is not only an indication of function, but a nostalgic trigger for memories of simpler times. Though they may have been outpaced by tiny transistors and integrated circuits, these workhorses still may have something to offer in many modern devices.


The GlobeSpan World Band Receiver

You should hear what you’ve been missing!! The most unbiased source of international news today is shortwave radio. The propaganda style of the cold war is mostly gone and countries are often surprisingly honest about themselves and about the state of the world.


Shielding and Shielded Cables

For low frequency control, switching, and DC power, it is possible to get the job done without worrying too much about wiring and cabling practices. However, when RF gremlins begin to appear, suddenly, a whole new set of cautions and constraints gets piled on to your “simple” project. This article provides an overview of shielding, including some practices you should know as a defense against these gremlins.

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