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The GlobeSpan World Band Receiver

You should hear what you’ve been missing!! The most unbiased source of international news today is shortwave radio. The propaganda style of the cold war is mostly gone and countries are often surprisingly honest about themselves and about the state of the world.


Receiving Data with a Low Cost Shortwave Radio

Listening to shortwave radio is very interesting, and filled with the voices and music of far-off lands. Digging a bit deeper, there is another world of shortwave radio that does not use conventional sounds. It is the realm of data transmissions.


Build the Retro Regen Radio

In the fast moving world of digital electronics, I find it incredible that the vacuum tube — a piece of early 20th century analog technology — has managed to survive. It should have bitten the dust long ago but that just did not happen. This back-to-the-future one-tube radio is made with readily available parts, operates on 12 volts, and offers amazing performance.