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The Big Bang Z-Pinch Machine



OpenPLC - Arduino Start-Stop Control Circuit

Convert a relay ladder control circuit into a ladder diagram program.

The 555 for Today’s Projects

Become an expert on creating your own 555-based designs.

The Second Law of Dropped Screw Dynamics

If it can go wrong, it will.

Book Review: Maverick Scientist

A memoir of Forrest Mims, who forged a distinguished scientific career despite having no academic training.

FM Radio Reception Comes to US Cars in 1958

A brief summary of the evolution of the FM car radio.

Restoration of the McIntosh MR71 Vintage FM Tuner

Follow along with the restoration of a domestic classic tuner.

Guitar Pickups and Unique Wiring Configurations

Get the tones you want from your electric guitar.


Build an Ultra-Linear Triode Amplifier - Part 3

Build a triode RIAA preamplifier as part of a tube-based component system.

Build a Three-Phase Compass Motor

Build a working three-phase motor for under $15.

The Big Bang Z-Pinch Machine

Squeeze the daylight out of soda cans for fun and entertainment!

Build a Simple Toaster Oven Temperature Profile Controller

This toaster oven has more than meets the eye!

Build a Graphing Altimeter

Know what elevation you’re at while hiking or driving.

Select Powerpole Ports by Touch

Upgrade your powerpole project with a touchscreen display.


New Products
AC/DC Multifuntion Smart Charger; Mixed Signal Oscilloscope; 12-Bit High-Res Oscilloscopes

Remote Collaboration on a Ham Radio Construction Project
by Bryan Bergeron
Kits are great for group projects, even when the projects are completed in parallel a mile or 1000 miles apart.