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Build a Simple Toaster Oven Temperature Profile Controller

Building a toaster oven temperature profile controller might not sound so exciting, but that's just the first layer of the onion! The exact same hardware and software can be used to build all sorts of embedded microcontroller projects, and you can do so without ever installing a software development environment anywhere because it's all inside the microcontroller itself. This is all based on relatively new technology called "WebUSB" and "Web Serial."


PICOSMAC - Back to the Past

This is a story of a nostalgic, useless, but fun project. What we have here is a COSMAC VIP emulator that runs on a single chip (PIC18F4550 MCU) with minimal hardware.


Rock, Paper, Scissors Electrified!

Are you ready for some serious Rock, Paper, Scissors competition? This game is not just for kids. In fact, the World RPS Association in Canada holds big tournaments every year. Now you can build your own Rock, Paper, Scissors Electrified game that keeps score as you bang away on the huge arcade buttons.


Build an LED Amusement Park at Home

While brainstorming project ideas for our microcontroller class at Cornell University, we realized that we all particularly missed visiting amusement parks during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we decided to build something that would bring some of the excitement of those parks into the lab. In particular, we thought that using LEDs on a LED strip would be a creative and exciting way to visually simulate different rides.


Turn a Typewriter into a Printer

I bought a Smith-Corona PWP 78DS typewriter from Good Will for under $20. The daisy wheel print quality was perfect, and it included a self-contained word processor. However, there was no way to use it as a printer. I decided to emulate a membrane keyboard with an Arduino Nano Every, so that either an added serial port or the existing keyboard could input text.


Build a Voltage Monitoring System with RTOS

Multimeters are a wonderful and easy-to-use tool to accurately quantify the incoming AC voltage from a pure sine wave output power supply. Barring a few high-end hybrid models, not all are capable of plotting the trend of this quantity over a limited time period, like an oscilloscope. So, I decided to build a voltage monitoring system with RTOS.


Build a Farmer, Fox, Chicken, Corn Puzzle

Do you remember the logic puzzle about the Farmer who wanted to transport his animals and produce across a river without them eating each other? The puzzle was deceptively simple. Well, I’ve created an updated version of this popular game using an Arduino, plus added my own bells and whistles.

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