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Build a Three-Phase Compass Motor
May 2022
Build a working three-phase motor for under $15.

Super Awesome Cube Kit
Need soldering experience? This is the kit for you!

In-Circuit Testing Techniques
July 2016
There is a technique taken from automatic test equipment called guarding that lets you calculate the exact value of an individual resistor in-circuit.

The Smart Doorbell — A Simple Programmable Relay Project
December 2015
Programmable relays are microcontroller-based devices that can replace older hard-wired electromechanical control systems. A single programmable relay can replace an array of relays, timers, and counters.

Understanding Harmonics Using Simulation
October 2015
Harmonics form a base line for testing, comparing, and explaining various circuits. This short tutorial shows how you can systematically look at the structure of complex circuits using a simulation program and building block approach.