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Neither horizontal, nor vertical - slant terminal blocks are the right ones!

A relatively common situation – a construction of your device doesn´t allow you to use vertical terminal blocks and at horizontal ones you face the problem with components placed too close to a terminal block, thus preventing a proper installation of wire leads.
Advantages / Features:

    universal PCB terminal blocks, slanted in 35°
    solution for tight conditions
    stackable into rows
    450V/ 17,5A
    for wire leads up to 1,5 mm2/ 16AWG
    5 or 10 mm pin spacing
    working temperature -40 to +130°C

MVS15x-IT series slanted in 35° is the solution for such and many other cases. Available are versions with 5mm as well as 10mm pin spacing. Types with a 5mm pitch can be found in our standard stock offer. Basic components are 2 and 3-pole terminal blocks MVS152-5-IT and MVS153-5-IT. Also available is the MVS1510-5-IT, representing a price convenient alternative, when you need to create a row with 10 and more poles. Terminal blocks are made from PA (polyamide) UL94-V0 class, nickel-plated copper alloy and the screw is from a galvanized steel. Detailed information will provide you datasheets at respective types.


In case of interest about any version of Euroclamp MVS terminal blocks, please contact us at [email protected].


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