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Posted in: Nuts and Volts (April 2015)

Saelig’s Novel Anti-shock Components Isolate Vibration;  Double As Emergency Food Source.

Since 1988, Saelig’s engineers have been using their vast experience to solve all types of test and control problems, and now have turned their attention to solving pervasive shock and vibration control problems with Gell-Low Vibration Isolators (“Jiggles”), Gell-Low shock mounts (“Wobblers”), and other Gell-Low anti-vibration products.  Saelig’s engineers have selected just the right colors and have extensively taste-tested the flavors that will find universal use and demand.  In the past, Saelig has supplied solutions for a diverse variety of industries including R&D, quality control, education, power generation, vehicle manufacture, military, agriculture, industrial equipment, medical, and HVAC – and now for emergency situations.

An anti-vibration mount can reduce the level of noise and vibration frequency caused by everyday machinery.  Gell-Low vibration isolators are compression-mounted to reduce vibration and shock in portable equipment, and protect moving parts from damage.  The elimination of vibration, while absorbing energy can protect a wide range of components and devices from shock and possible destruction.  Gell-Low isolators can be helpful for isolating vibration in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) applications like quadcopters. Because there is significant vibration caused by turbulence and the propulsion of the system itself, vibration damping like that offered by Gell-Low is crucial for obtaining smooth camera footage. 

Additionally, these shock mounts emit their design aromas (strawberry/lime/liquorice) to mask any offensive machine or oil odors.   These tasty yet practical Gell-Low anti-vibration/emergency food products are produced in a variety of sizes and shapes but can be sliced to suit various needs or taste. They have a shelf-life of more than 10 years and are sure to find wide acceptance and satisfy many engineering needs, as well as for mechanics hungry for the latest technology. 

Don’t be shocked! They are not available now from Saelig Company, Inc. since it is April 1st. For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig 888-7SAELIG, via email: [email protected], or visit www.saelig.com