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Beyond the Arduino — Part 8
January 2016
Power: Less is definitely more here as we focus on ways to reduce the power consumption in our projects so they can run for longer on less.

Beyond the Arduino — Part 7
November 2015
It’s all in the timers. Timers are very useful in embedded systems, and this discussion covers enough ground to get you up and running using them.

Beyond the Arduino — Part 6
September 2015
To the Power of I2C. We’re going to raise the bar and connect our AVR microcontroller to modules with a little more intelligence.

Beyond the Arduino — Part 5
July 2015
Please DO interrupt me! This time, take a look at how to handle interrupts in your Atmel AVR embedded projects, and how they can make your projects more efficient and easier to develop.

Beyond the Arduino — Part 4
June 2015
All we want to do is talk to our microcontroller. So, let’s do it the old fashioned way: using serial communication.

Beyond the Arduino — Part 3
May 2015
This time, we’ll focus on interacting with the bare-metal microcontroller by handling both digital and analog inputs.

Beyond the Arduino — Part 2
April 2015
Last month, we established a hardware platform to work on. This time, we’ll dive right into working in a new environment.

Beyond the Arduino
March 2015
Ready to cut the apron strings and discover what it’s like to work directly with a microcontroller? This series will help you down that road less travelled.