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Harry Moore

I’m a ‘retired’ electrical engineer who was (until the housing crunch which decimated the industry) designing machinery for grading veneer and lumber. I also managed an R&D group in the same company. We had some interesting side projects like a hand held meter to grade baseball bats (by measuring grain angle) to a device to grade guitar necks for stiffness and strength. I’m still doing some occasional work for my old company (Metriguard Inc.)

In the past, I explored various jobs such as teaching in a community college (Charlottesville, VA) and a votech school (Fort Collins, CO), maintaining and automating radio stations in Charlottesville, VA and Pullman WA, and designing telephone equipment for Stromberg-Carlson also in Charlottesville. I am a licensed PE in Washington state.

Harry's Articles

A Volume Controller Using Any Infrared Remote Control
May 2016
Unlock better volume to your flat screen TV using any infrared remote control and your own speaker system.