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I wonder if you can answer a very puzzling question. What is this thing?

A friend gave it to me many years ago because he no longer had room for it, but it was so unique that he couldn't bear to throw it away — even though he never knew what it was. Now I am in the same situation. I don't know what it is either, yet I hate to throw it away, too.

It is very well made and appears to be some sort of wave guide fixture. A permanently-affixed vacuum tube with a glass base sits on the top, and there are no electrical connections of any sort coming from the tube. I placed the device on an overturned coffee cup to give you an idea of its size. Thanks for taking a look and your comments.

Lyle A. Nelson
Devils Lake, ND


It's an electron tube reference cavity, used to tune a microwave oscillator to 950 MHz.