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Follow The Flashlight Evolution
February 2008
During recent years, with the advent of white LEDs, the ubiquitous household item — the traditional incandescent flashlight — is experiencing radical changes. It caught my attention when I noticed the many benefits LEDs can bring about; especially their energy-saving efficiency and the much brighter luminous intensity....

The AVR HyperTerm
February 2005
Are you looking for a programmer that fits in your wallet? It’s here! Figure 1 shows a tiny device programmer that is only the size of a business card, but can be used to program Atmel’s many AVR microcontrollers (MCUs).

Programming The 54¢ Micro
February 2006
We all know that a microcontroller (MCU) is much more complicated than a single TTL logic IC, such as the 7400-series gates. And so it’s no surprise that an MCU was much more expensive than a chip of “glue logic.” But things have changed recently. MCU prices are falling into the same range as TTL gates.

Chip Music Composing Simplified
May 2006
Use a microcontroller to produce the frequencies needed to play specific musical notes and generate their tones.

Wall-Wart-Less AVR Programmer User/Maker
February 2007
This powerful tool now boasts new features that will make users and programmers lives easier!