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Fix Up that Old Radio! — Part 2
June 2015
In this final part, we'll go through the rest of the repair process, a first power-up, and aligning the radio’s tuning dial on our 1937 DeWald classic.

Fix Up that Old Radio!
May 2015
It’s fun and easy to bring vintage radios back to life! Follow along as a 1937 DeWald radio is restored.

Give Your Sound a Boost — Amplifier Modules to Power Your Project’s Audio
March 2015
Want to hear about a way to add sound to your project? Then, check out this review on a selection of low to mid power amplifier modules from Parts Express.

Boxed Kit Amps’ Gobo Stereo Amplifier
December 2014
This is a fun to build desktop stereo amplifier kit that is appropriate for any experience level.

1963 Zenith MK2670 Stereo Repair
October 2014
Vintage gear is very special, and has the advantage of simplicity so that even hobbyists can work on it. See how this particular stereo console got a facelift with a mix of old and new technology.