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Build the Mystery Solar Powered Pendulum
August 2012
This device is a wonderful demonstration of clean, green solar power and is based on BEAM technology. It was inspired by the Magbot pendulum project in Dave Hrynkiw’s book titled, Junkbots, Bugbots & Bots On Wheels - which you can buy in the Nuts & Volts Web store!

Create Indoor Lightning With This Miniature Van de Graaff Generator
March 2011
Amaze your family and friends with this unique project that teaches electrostatic concepts.

Build a Jumbo LED Digital Thermometer
May 2010
Although the original usage for this device was for a fish tank, home beer brewers, hydroponic gardeners, amateur weather watchers, or folks interested in energy management will appreciate the easy-to-read temperatures.

The Computer Geek’s Ultimate Timepiece
May 2005
If you want a clock that really attracts attention, this unusual project will be a big hit. It’s easy for any self-respecting computer geek to figure out how to read this clock in a few minutes, but others will simply be baffled by what seems to be a random pattern of lights.