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Data Processing Using SCAM - Part 1
October 2005
In the first two articles of this series, I will describe the organization of SCAM and show how it manipulates different data types and queries. The third article will describe some associative logic and mathematical algorithms, and will elaborate on performance issues and calculations relevant to SCAM. The fourth article will be dedicated to the realization of SCAM building blocks using ispLEVER tools. The final article will cover assembling those building blocks into a FPGA device using ABEL h

Data Processing Using SCAM - Part 2
November 2005
In this article, I describe in detail how the SCAM (Super Content-Addressable Memory) manipulates queries against simple and complex data types. The data is assumed to be stored in a database. This should demonstrate to application programmers and database administrators how the SCAM enhances data manipulation performance compared to traditional computer configurations.

Data Processing Using SCAM - Part 3
December 2005
In this article, I adapt some logic and mathematical algorithms for associative processing using my SCAM. I describe how those algorithms are executed in the SCAM in terms of hardware operations. I also show how to calculate the execution time of each algorithm to evaluate the SCAM performance.

Data Processing Using SCAM - Part 4
January 2006
Implementing SCAM: Building The SCAM Basic Blocks.

Data Processing Using SCAM - Part 5
February 2006
Implementing SCAM Explaned: Assembling the Parts With ABEL