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The PID Controller — Part 1
January 2005
In this first of three installments, we will answer the “why” questions and also lay a foundation to better understand what a PID controller is. Part 1

The PID Controller — Part 2
February 2005
A complete analog PID system. Part 2

The PID Controller — Part 3
March 2005
Construct a fully functional digital PID controller. Part 3

Restoring The Philco PT-44 Antique Radio
November 2006
This article chronicles the restoration of a 1941 Philco model PT-44 vacuum tube radio shown in Photo 1. As I worked on this radio, I often found myself wondering who owned it. What did they listen to? Did this radio deliver the original radio broadcast of President Roosevelt’s address to Congress, “Yesterday, 7 December 1941 — a date which will live in infamy ...”

Prototyping with Surface Mount Components
December 2007
Let’s face the facts: through-hole components are a thing of the past. Like the vacuum tube, they will gradually disappear from general use except for specialized applications such as those requiring high power (e.g., power transistors, high wattage resis