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Household Thermostat Heating/Cooling Control
April 2008
Build this PIC-based thermostat and heating/cooling control box and take control of your household environment.

Simple Circuit Breaker
October 2005
Even though there are fuses in the car, resetting a circuit breaker is a lot easier than buying and replacing a “one-time-use” fuse. This circuit is simple, uses a handful of readily available parts, is completely electronic, and has a very fast cut off time. A picture of the completed circuit breaker and remotely located FET/Rsense is shown in Figures 1, 2, and 3. Also shown is the completed project PC board. This application is used in a high-amp, low voltage DC supply.

Monitor Indoor/Outdoor Temperature And Relative Humidity With One Device
February 2006
Using a 16F870 PIC, a two-Line LCD display, and two Sensirion SHT15 temperature/humidity sensors, you can build this handy, portable, battery-powered device which will give you easy, accurate simultaneous temperature and relative humidity readings inside your house and outside your window.

“Mail Delivered” Detector
June 2006
This handy gadget will end those many unfulfilled trips and indicate via a lit LED and/or sound alert that your mail has been delivered. After you pick up your mail, you simply press a reset button and your Detector is ready for the next day’s mail delivery.

A Simple VHF Receiver
July 2007
This project was inspired by another Nuts & Volts reader — a teacher — looking for a receiver project for his class. His requirements entailed a fairly simple receiver with a minimum of adjustments...

October 2007
This project was inspired when I was playing BINGO with my friends. Somehow during play, the numbers that were called got mixed up, and there was confusion as to whether or not one of the players had actually won the game...