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How to Parallel Power Supplies for Higher Output
May 2009
Assemble this power supply for higher performance from your class-D amplifier.

Build A High Power LED Strobe
January 2008
Shed some new light on your next strobe circuit application.

July 2004
The simple circuit described in this article allows your digital meter to be self-powered from the same voltage it measures. This sounds simple and straightforward, right? Unfortunately, it is not.

Build A High Speed Photo Flash Trigger
February 2006
During the early 1930s Harold “Doc” Edgerton, a faculty member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), started experimenting with strobe lights, better known today as electronic photo flashes.

Build A Ring Flash For Macro Photography
January 2007
I initially became involved in macro —or close-up photography— as part of my job, which involves failure mode analysis of electronic circuitry. Be sure and read the sidebar for a discussion of why photographs of small objects are called Macro photography. With components becoming smaller and smaller,taking a decent photograph has proven to be increasingly difficult...