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May 2009

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A Universal Direct Conversion Receiver For PSK-31

Exclusive Online Article: Decode and read text message communications being sent over shortwave amateur radio frequencies.

Radio Locator Beacon For Flying Objects

Exclusive Online Article: The locator beacon weighs about an ounce with its 12-volt A23 alkaline battery, and could be made lighter with the use of surface-mount parts. It’s also simple and inexpensive, so you can afford to build another one if necessary.

Analog Mathematics

Even in the midst of the digital revolution, there's still a place for analog mathematics to streamline your designs.


Build the rCube: A Talking Memo Alarm Clock

This unique talking clock and MP3 speaker can record voice memos or your favorite song for your alarm, plus it's an interactive nightlight too!

How to Parallel Power Supplies for Higher Output

Assemble this power supply for higher performance from your class-D amplifier.


by Jeff Eckert
TechKnowledgey 2009
Topics covered include super charged lithium-ions, fuel cell buses, viewing Mars, plus other cool stuff.

Personal Robotics
The Saga of a Sonar Station
Follow the unique build experience of an interactive kiosk.

Getting Started With PICS
by Chuck Hellebuyck
Counting Pulses with Timer 0
Keep track of your distance traveled on the golf coarse with this counting application.

by Russell Kincaid
Analog tachometer, calulated inductance, soft start AC circuits, plus more.

Smiley’s Workshop
by Joe Pardue
Smiley’s Workshop 10: Moving Beyond Arduino
Converting Arduino programs into regular C programs that can be used with the official Atmel software. Part 10

Stamp Applications
by Jon Williams
Spinning Up Embedded Control Projects
Get in touch with your Propeller side.

The Design Cycle
by Fred Eady
And Now, A Riff From Jeff Beck
Designing a wireless guitar.

Near Space
by L. Paul Verhage
Your Own Micro Datalogger
Build a bigger and more powerful flight computer.


Developing Perspectives
by Bryan Bergeron
Please visit our Developing Perspectives blog to read the full article and comment.