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Tom Napier

Tom Napier formerly worked for space and high-energy physics research organizations in Europe. Since 1982, he has developed innovative electronic equipment for companies in the US. He is now an electronics consultant based in SE Pennsylvania.

Tom's Articles

Pocket Geiger Unit
January 2004
Hunt for zoomies with this minimal G-M tube driver and detector.

June 2004
The output frequencies from audio signal generators are not always either stable or accurately specified. An alternative is Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS). This process creates the desired output from numerical samples and generates any frequency you set with crystal accuracy.

What The L Is It?
August 2005
Check inductors quickly with a PIC-based meter that also measures frequency.

The Compucolor II
September 2005
If the home computer can be said to have had a Golden Age, it ran from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. Back then, there were dozens, if not hundreds, of computers from which to choose. Magazines compared brand-to-brand, operating system-to-operating system.

Probing Cores
June 2007
Build an Oscilloscope Accessory That Displays the B-H Curves of Inductor Cores