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February 2011

Nuts and Volts Magazine

Move Up to the 32-Bit Micro Experimenter Board



Build a Wi-Fi Sprinkler System — Part 2

Now that you know how the Rabbit RCM5450W module works and how to interface relays and an LCD, it’s time to set up your sprinkler system.

Build a Wall Wart Power Monitor

This self-contained, battery-powered unit measures both DC current and voltage. It accepts four of the most common wall wart plugs and also has four identical output plugs — ready to hook to your project.

Introducing The 32-bit Micro Experimenter

It’s here! We’re graduating from our 16-bit Experimenter so we can experience a whole new level of applications with the 32-bit version.


Arduino Channel Surfer & Other Diabolical Gadgets

With an understanding of IR codes, a wide range of devices can be built that offer new remote control capabilities.


by Jeff Eckert
TechKnowledgey 2011
Read about a device that gets its juice from heat and light, a better battery management system, a major upgrade for speakerphones, disposable e-books, plus some other stuff you’ll find fascinating.

by Ron Hackett
In this month’s installment of the Primer, we’re going to explore two different implementations of a touch-sensitive keypad.

by Russell Kincaid
Q & A
This month’s questions revisit the CAT 5 cable tester and cover a 400 Hz gyro drive, analog isolation techniques, and an LED chaser circuit, just to name a few.

Smiley’s Workshop
by Joe Pardue
Smiley’s Workshop 31: avrtoolbox — Open Source and Version Control.
avrtoolbox — Open Source and Version Control. Part 31

Open Communication
by Louis E. Frenzel
Open Communication
New Versions of the 555 Timer IC.

Fundamentals For Beginners
How an NPN Transistor Works
In this experiment, we will build a simple circuit to observe an NPN transistor serving as a current amplifier.