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Kristen McIntyre

Kristen McIntyre is currently a senior software engineer at Apple working on operating systems. She recently came back from being an entrepreneur in Japan. Previously, she was a researcher at Sun Microsystems Laboratories where she was researching robustness and emergent properties of large distributed computer systems.

Her career has spanned many diverse areas. She started in the early ‘80s designing high power linear amplifiers and then spent about five years in Japan architecting and designing precision analog test systems, as well as learning the Japanese language and culture.  She speaks, reads, and writes Japanese fluently.

Upon returning to the states, Kristen joined Adobe Systems and became one of the architects of PostScript Level 2 and its RTOS underpinnings as well as the principal architect of AppleTalk networking for PostScript printers. In the early ‘90s, she became a consultant and later founded an Internet service provider and network consulting firm. In 1999, Kristen decided to hang up her entrepreneur’s hat and landed at Sun, tried the startup thing again only to land at Apple, where she’s been since. Kristen holds a BS EECS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Kristen has been interested in radio since she was about five years old. When she was small, she built many radio kits including her favorite: the one tube radio kit. She started in amateur radio around 1979 while she was at MIT by getting her technician’s license. She built a 2m repeater with an autopatch to use while on campus at MIT. Kristen is American Radio Relay League Technical Coordinator for the East Bay Section and is President of the Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association. She gives talks all around California and the Southwest on various technical topics. She is licensed with the amateur radio callsign K6WX in the United States, and JI1IZZ in Japan.

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