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September 2018

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10 Awesome Raspberry Pi HATs You Need to Try

Whether you’re building your own electronic drum kit or measuring distance with a 3D scanner, a HAT can give your Raspberry Pi exactly the functionality you need.

Super Simple Projects for Learning Soldering and More

Bring some dead batteries back to life with these simple projects.

Ready Player 2: CC3200 Wi-Fi & IoT MCU — Part 1

Working with CC3200 Launchpad and Code Composer Studio (CCS).

Can You Trust Your Voltmeter?

You can easily build or buy a perfectly good IC voltage reference and set your mind at ease about the accuracy of your meters.

How Does Electricity Know to Light Up a Light Bulb?

POSER #1: How does electricity know to light the bulb while leaving everything else dark?

Meet the Microbitx:  A Simple to Build, Yet Challenging All-Band Transceiver Kit

The eagerly anticipated Microbitx transceiver kit is not without its own set of problems.

FPGAs for the Hobbyist: NTSC Shield

Design a video shield for Embedded Micro’s Mojo V3 FPGA Development Board.

Mass Confusion: The End of the Kilogram as We Know It

The metric system will be changing in a way that is more profound than anything since its establishment following the French Revolution.


Build a Customizable Musical Doorbell

Select from among eight different tone sequences from a single doorbell switch, or up to four doorbell switches, each with its own tone sequence, for different doors/locations.

Build the MIDI Replay Stomp Box

The MIDI Replay stomp box is a powerful configuration and recording device for keyboard players, based on the wonderful MIDI protocol: the standard musical language of over 30 years.


Near Space
by L. Paul Verhage
Raspberry Pi Zero Flight Computer — Part 3
Finishing up the Raspberry Pi near space flight computer.

The Ham’s Wireless Workbench
by H. Ward Silver
Filter Design Software
Conclusion of a short tour through filters and filter design.

by Kristen McIntyre
Reader Questions Answered Here (09.2018)
Questions related to dealing with a constant hum and getting into brain control.

Open Communication
by Louis E. Frenzel
How Phased Array Antennas Work
Introductory tutorial on a special antenna type you need to know about.


DIY Biotech: The Ultimate STEM Track?
by Bryan Bergeron
The oldest maker activity on the planet — DIY Biotech, including genetic engineering and cell-based manufacturing — is poised to change everything.