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July 2018

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Does Inductor Winding Have You Tied in Knots?

Learn the principle behind inductance and discover some tricks to make your own inductors.

Amigo Color BASIC — The Missing Manual

Here’s is additional data to add some zest to your Amigo adventures!

Replacing The 555 With A PIC — Part 5 — A Digital Analog

This is the final installment that looks at the remaining circuits from the book, 555 Timer IC Circuits by Forrest Mims.

Get ASCII Data from PS-2 Keyboards

Convert PS-2 key codes to corresponding ASCII values.

Practical Ideas for Portable Magnetic Loop Antennas

A simple setup for a magnetic loop antenna.


Build A MIDI Lyre

MIDI-enable a lyre to create a simple elegant instrument that anyone can play.

Build Your Own Funky STEAMPUNK Display

Using 1” high seven-segment electromechanical displays (EMDs) in projects.

Build A USB Cable Continuity Test Jig

Build a simple test jig that will make it easier for you to quickly check the continuity of a four-conductor USB cable.


by Kristen McIntyre
Reader Questions Answered Here (07.2018)
Questions involving high voltage at a low cost; and N, P, or what?

The Ham’s Wireless Workbench
by H. Ward Silver
Filter Basics: Stop, Block, and Roll(off)
A discussion on filter basics to give you a better understanding of how filters behave and are specified.

The Design Cycle
by Fred Eady
Think you can’t code in C because your first language is BASIC? Well, you are dead wrong.

by Jeff Eckert
Events, Advances, and News (07.2018)
Information on current events, advances, and news in various technology fields.

Open Communication
by Louis E. Frenzel
Killer Wi-Fi Now Available
An update on Wi-Fi: A closer look at the latest version, a summary of the problems, and a look at what’s in store for you.

Near Space
by L. Paul Verhage
Raspberry Pi Zero Flight Computer — Part 2
Exploring the Raspberry Pi as a flight computer for BalloonSat missions — Part 2.


Electronics as a Portal to Other Hobbies
by Bryan Bergeron
The electronics portal leads to many potential adventures.