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Jon Titus

Jon Titus writes articles and columns about electronics and computers for several publications and Web sites, and he worked as the chief editor of EDN and later Test & Measurement World magazine for 18 years. Prior to joining EDN, Titus wrote and edited books about computers and electronics, and he designed electronic equipment.

Jon received a George R. Stibitz Computer & Communications Pioneer Award from the American Computer Museum (Bozeman, MT) for his development of the Mark-8 hobbyist computer kit in 1974. The original computer is now in the Smithsonian Institution’s collection. Jon also has received awards for excellent writing. 

Titus has three college degrees, a BS from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, an MS from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a PhD from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He has an Extra Class amateur-radio license and the call letters KZ1G.

Jon's Articles

Can’t Keyboard? Use Morse Code Instead
March 2020
Can’t easily use a keyboard for text? Dot and dash it!

For IoT Projects, Call JSON
May 2019
Learn how to create and parse JSON messages.

Libraries and Headers in C: A Tutorial
February 2019
Learn how software utilizes libraries, and how you can create your own.

C Preprocessor Reduces Debug Headaches
January 2019
Take advantage of C preprocessor operations.

Create an LED Sign Controller
November 2018
The step-by-step approach in this tutorial gives you what you need to know to make an LED display sign of your own with a customized controller.

Get ASCII Data from PS-2 Keyboards
July 2018
Convert PS-2 key codes to corresponding ASCII values.

Take a CAN Bus for a Spin — Part 3
April 2017
Using Controller Area Network (CAN) controller interrupts and flags.

Take a CAN Bus for a Spin — Part 2
February 2017
See how to add a CAN controller to an MCU that lacks one.

Take a CAN Bus for a Spin
December 2016
Learn how to use a Controller Area Network (CAN) bus with a Propeller MCU.