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2019 Issue-2

Nuts and Volts Magazine


CNC Routers: Backlash

Whether you own or intend to build/buy a CNC router, make it a habit to routinely check for backlash.

Getting Started in DIY Modular Synthesis

A mini tutorial on how to build your own modular synthesizer system.

The Radio Station that Bridge Built

A fun historical look at how radio broadcasts promoted the game of Bridge.

Libraries and Headers in C: A Tutorial

Learn how software utilizes libraries, and how you can create your own.

DIY Biotech: A Spectrophotometer for Measuring Bacterial Growth

Work with a spectrophotometer using E Coli.

Circuit Simulation Made Easy

Learn a simple numerical method that is intuitive and solves many complex circuit problems with just a few lines of code.

Discovering the NESCAF

Review of a surprisingly simple yet powerful audio filter kit.

Dark Energy and the Expanding Universe

Explore concepts such as energy density and negative pressure as it relates to our universe.


Build a Variable Voltage Reference

While most voltage references only generate a single voltage, this design offers variable voltage from zero to 10 volts.

Build the Graphing Thermometer

This project joins an Arduino CPU, some temperature/humidity sensors, and a real time clock (RTC) module to a large (3.5 inch) high-resolution color LCD graphics display to create a fun and useful graphing thermometer.


The Ham’s Wireless Workbench
by H. Ward Silver
The Smith Chart
Unravel the mysteries of transmission lines with this unique chart.

by Kristen McIntyre
Electronics Q&A (02.2019)
Questions on “firebottle” (tube) gain and attenuating calculations.

Open Communication
by Louis E. Frenzel
Waiting for 5G Wireless
A status report on 5G to bring you up to speed.


New Products (02.2019)
Modern Build System, Series of Spectrum Analyzers, Compact Isolation Transformer.

How to Learn CW
by Bryan Bergeron
There is merit in learning and using CW, and it’s more convenient than ever.

Reader Feedback (02.2019)
Comments from readers.