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2019 Issue-5

Nuts and Volts Magazine


REVIEW: Dr. Duino’s Starter Kit for the Arduino Uno

Make breadboarding with the Arduino Uno more robust and trouble-free.

A Discussion on dBs and RF Power Meters

Learn basic theory on the decibel and build an affordable RF power meter at the same time.

LEDs for Operational Status and Troubleshooting

Get flashy with your troubleshooting methods.

Microcontrollers, Software, and You

There’s no excuse for not learning how to program microcontrollers.

For IoT Projects, Call JSON

Learn how to create and parse JSON messages.

Nextion Touch Screen Display — Part 2

Tutorial on including touch screens into your homebrew projects.

Newton’s Apple

A fun spin on the classic falling body experiment to measure the acceleration of gravity.


Build the NixieStar Clock

Construct this elegant and intricate timepiece.

Build a Radio Pet Tracker

Keep up with your pet with this homemade tracker.

Build an Audio Loop System

Creating a Telecoil installation for your home.

A Semiconductor-Based High Voltage Utility Power Supply

A utility supply like this has a small footprint on the bench and supports a wide range of experiments with tube circuits.


Open Communication
by Louis E. Frenzel
Dirt Cheap Wireless Control
Have some fun experimenting with the wireless modules available out there for short-range applications.


New Products (05.2019)
Digital Microscope, Radiometrix LoRa, Multi-Channel Transceiver, 8 mm REX Pinion Gears, 5 mm HTD Timing Belts.

Death, Taxes, and Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation
by Bryan Bergeron
Use common sense when it comes to EMR exposure.

Reader Feedback (05.2019)
Comments from readers.