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Robert's Articles

A Discussion on dBs and RF Power Meters
May 2019
Learn basic theory on the decibel and build an affordable RF power meter at the same time.

Build a Basic Audio Distortion Analyzer
November 2018
Construct a THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) analyzer that’s easy on the wallet.

Add Sweep Function to Your RF Signal Generator
February 2017
Add a sweep function to my original RF generator build or any unit that is based on varactor diode tuning.

Hail, the Lowly Substitution Box
September 2016
Capacitor and resistor substitution boxes are very simple, yet handy pieces of test equipment. Here’s how they work and what’s available.

Setting Up a Test Bench
October 2015
What equipment do you really need for monitoring and testing all your projects?

Frequency Counters and Retrofitting
August 2014
Even the lowest grade frequency counters are often the most accurate instruments on the bench. Here, we'll describe their general principles of operation, construction and retrofitting into existing equipment, all the way to a full blown universal counter.

A 150 MHz RF Signal Generator for Your Test Bench
June 2014
No test bench is complete until it has an RF signal source of some type. Here is a sweet general purpose RF signal generator that won’t take up much space and can be built on the cheap.

Construction of a Low Budget 180 MHz RF Sweep Generator
December 2013
Your bench could be sporting a unit like this for around $100 in parts... plus your labor, of course.

Oscilloscope Probes and Probing
November 2010
Do you get erratic results with your oscilloscope? As you start probing higher and higher frequencies, do the results get increasingly odder. Let's address the reasons for that strange behavior and construct an Active Probe for about $25.

A Deluxe Test Bench Variac
June 2008
If adding a variac to your test bench isn't in the budget, try building your own. This DIY unit may just fit the bill.

Building a Pulse Generator
April 2005
Design, Troubleshoot, and Calibrate Electronic Circuits

A Digital Capacitance Meter
May 2006
I needed a capacitance meter. However, I couldn’t justify the high cost. So, I decided to build my own.

A Wide Range Period Counter/Totalizer
September 2006
Add another “mighty weapon” to your arsenal of bench test equipment. There are many situations where this build-it-yourself period counter has advantages over your frequency counter.

A Test Bench Power Supply
March 2007
A dual channel regulated bench power supply that you can build.