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February 2017

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Take a CAN Bus for a Spin — Part 2

See how to add a CAN controller to an MCU that lacks one.

Computer Control and Interfacing with the NI MyRIO

See how to control electrical loads and devices that are outside of the MyRIO.

Maximite Computer 3D Printed Case

in Practical 3D Printing

Design a custom case for the original Maximite computer.


An Electronic Chessboard Using RGB LED Strips and Hall Effect Sensors — Part 2

Create the software needed to accommodate two players on our electronic chessboard.

Build Your Own ECG-EKG Unit

For parts costing less than $50, I built an ECG-EKG unit that plugs into my laptop computer’s microphone input jack.

Add Sweep Function to Your RF Signal Generator

Add a sweep function to my original RF generator build or any unit that is based on varactor diode tuning.


Near Space
by L. Paul Verhage
Taking Cheap Multispectral Imaging into Near Space
See what happens when our simple quadcopter platform is taken to higher altitudes, and get acquainted with the results of taking visible, near infrared, and long-wave infrared images in near space.

The Design Cycle
by Fred Eady
See C More Clearly with the E3mini
The folks at CCS want you to C more clearly. So, they have assembled a very high quality C language training package.

by Kristen McIntyre
Reader Questions Answered Here (02.2017)
See how to construct a visual doorbell, how to drive LEDs, and discuss text messaging for help.